THE IVERSON ASSOCIATES provide playground consulting, inspections and audits for school systems, private schools, daycares, homeowners’ associations, and other commercial organizations.   

“Playgrounds are our passion and safety is our priority.”

MaryLou Iverson founded THE IVERSON ASSOCIATES in 1990. She is an internationally respected risk consultant for all aspects of play areas and playground safety. Until that time, her career had been as Parks and Recreation Director for cities in Oklahoma, Colorado and special districts in Colorado and Washington.


Other Services

  The Iverson Associates works as a team member to provide a detailed report of the attraction compliance with current, American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM). We work closely with architects, designers and fabricators, to ensure design are ADA compliant and hazard free.   The Iverson Associates year of experience bringing innovative play creations into compliance before installation and during construction.   Areas expertise in all play areas are in museums, malls, family fun centers and for large and small amusement parks and facilities including attractions for both youth ad adult. 
  • Appling ASTM Standards, UBC where applicable
  • State/City codes 
  • ADA/ABA Standard for Accessible Design a Federal Law
  • Project Management
  • Researching materials 
  • Developing inspections forms
  • Audit final installation
Read more at: ASTM F2291, Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices
Workshops & Training
We conduct classes in hazard identification, playground planning, regular maintenance, accessibility, supervision and more.
If your playground equipment breaks or is vandalized, we will assist you in replacements and repairs
Contained Soft Play
We work with playground designers, manufactures, installers and provides training for supervision and staff for both soft contained playgrounds and indoor contained play
Email: Ml.iverson@gmail.com Phone: 360.908.3479
E-mail: Northwestplaysafe@gmail.com Phone: 206.818.3992