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    MaryLou Iverson founded THE IVERSON ASSOCIATES in 1990. She is an internationally respected risk consultant for all aspects of play areas and playground safety. Until that time, her career had been as Parks and Recreation Director for cities in Oklahoma, Colorado and special districts in Colorado and Washington.

    Ms. Iverson served on the Board of the National Recreation and Park Association's (NRPA) Park Planning and Maintenance School, and was a founding member of the NRPA Safety School. She was also on the board of the NRPA National Playground Institute where she continues to serve on committees and instruct for the NRPA Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) training and certification program. MaryLou is on the Board of the National Playground Contractors Association International (NPCAI), and teaches in the Playground Construction School. She is an active member on the American Society of Testing and Materials International (ASTMI) playground, surfacing and amusements committees. She developed a Play Area Training Course for the Amusement Industry Maintenances and Safety International (AIMS). Ms. Iverson consults with attorneys and serves as an expert.

    As International Risk Management Consultants for Play Areas, The Iverson Associates' client list includes school districts, municipalities, churches, housing developments, fast food restaurants: corporate and franchise, manufacturers, architectural firms, amusement parks and attorneys.

    In Colorado:

    Tom Peeples has over 30 years experience in the parks and recreation industry and is Certified as a Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) by the National Recreation and Park Association Certified Playground Safety Instructor Training and Certification Program since 1994. Tom serves on the board of the National Playground Contractors Association International (NPCAI), is an active member on several American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) playground committees and serves on The National Recreation and Park Association Certified Playground Safety Inspector Exam Development Committee.

    Throughout his career, Tom has been in charge of creating, developing, managing, and implementing park and playground safety inspection and maintenance programs, and establishing and implementing Comprehensive Park and Playground audit checklists, which have received national recognition. Tom has extensive experience in park, playground, and skate park maintenance, repair, installation, planning, design and project management. He is practiced in working with risk management, attorneys, contractors, installers, vendors, manufacturers, and in public forum.

    -Together we offer over 85 years expertise in the fields of risk management, playground safety, and as international risk consultants children's play areas. The Iverson Associates (TIA) Managing the safety of play areas for children and adults

    International Risk Consultants for Play Areas Providing Services For:

    Playground Audits and Inspections program by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector.


    Provide a report of the playground's compliance with current Consumer Product Safety
    Commission,(CPSC) Handbook for Public Playground Safety,
    American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) Playground Standards, and US Assess
    Board, ABA/ADA Accessible Design for Play Areas

    Assessment of the play area environment, equipment and surfacing.

    Document of hazards identified in the assessment according to the degree of severity and the action
    steps required removing these hazards.

    Pictures and a narrative description of the current conditions of the area, and recommendations for
    corrective action.

    Standard of Care outline for a continuing safety management plan.


    Comprehensive inspections are detailed in identifying hazards and noncompliant conditions.

    Low frequency focuses on conditions that have developed since installation that need correcting.

    High frequency is an inspection that is done with frequency, daily or weekly.

    When requested, TIA will provide an on-going maintenance plan and replacement schedule. And more...

    Childcare assessments based on the National Association for the Education of Young Children [NAEYC]
    Recommendations for High and Low frequency maintenance programs for in-house inspections
    Documentation – what to document, by whom, where to keep.
    Preventative maintenance program to prevent deterioration and breakdown of equipment and
    Risk assessment on layout and design of play area, types and requirement of equipment, surfacing and

    ADA/ABA Accessibility inventory of accessible play on the playground as required by the
    NEW Federal Law requiring playgrounds to come into compliance by March 15, 2012.


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    Workshops on:

    Playground safety management based on the ASTM Standards and the CPSC Handbook, in identifying non-compliant equipment, hazard identification, maintenance requirement, playground master planning and supervision.

    Playground Supervision for teachers, playground supervisors, childcare providers.

    Accessible Design for compliance with the Federal Law on Accessibility in the playground.

    Soft Contained Play management based on the ASTM Standard and industry trends.

    Details provides on request.



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    Soft Contained Playgrounds

    For both in and out door (fully enclosed) playgrounds - at the Iverson Associates we are International Risk Consultants for children’s play areas. No matter where you are - we welcome all enquiries!


    We Provide Audits and Inspections:

    * Design evaluation
    * Post Installation Audit
    * Accessibility
    * Annual and Regular Safety Inspections
    * Staff Training

    Indoor Contained Play

    Mary Lou Iverson has been involved in indoor play for many years and is nationally recognized as an expert in the indoor play industry. Mary Lou works with playground designers, manufactures, installers and provides training for supervision and staff in helping to inspect and maintain play facilities.


    PostHeaderIcon Maintenance

    TIA’s mission is to provide safe play areas, indoors and outdoors, with recommendation for
    equipment that supports a broad range of play opportunities for all children, depending on their


    Who are your playground users?

    Consumer Product Commission has identified over 200,000 playground injuries a year requiring emergency room treatment, reported by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. Approximately 17 deaths occur each year and several are permanently debilitated from playground accidents. 79 percent of the injuries are due to falls and 68% of these are falls to the surface.

    Is your equipment outdated?

    Major cause of Death and Seriously Debilitating Injuries is Entanglement of clothing, strings or ropes. Continually inspecting equipment, preventative maintenance and replacing non-compliant equipment can eliminate these injuries.


    The key to reducing playground accidents is in the Surfacing materials that are intended to absorb impact and minimize the severity of injuries. Head impact injuries are the most severe, followed by broken bones. Installing and maintaining an appropriate surface under and around playground equipment is the single most important component in keeping a playground as safe as possible.

    TIA is knowledgeable of current Surfacing CPSC Guidelines, ASTM Standards and ADA Accessible Design that requires that loose fill playground surfacing on Public Playgrounds be firm, stable and slip resistant, As well as impact attenuating. For most playgrounds, unitary surfacing is recommended.

    Deterioration and Weathering


    PostHeaderIcon Other Services

    Other Services:

    • Legal Consulting and Expert Witness Service
    • Project Management
    • Playground Consulting
    • Site Plan and Design Evaluation Services
    • Training and Seminars – conduct classes in hazard identification, playground planning, regular maintenance, accessibility, supervision and more.
    • Recommendation of a Wide Range of Playground Equipment
    • Works with a variety of Manufactures on Equipment and Safety Surfacing to meet your playground needs.
    • Recommend services intended to prevent deterioration and breakdown of equipment and surfacing
    • Maintenance and Repairs – If your playground equipment breaks or is vandalized, assist you in replacements and repairs

    The Iverson Associates has the knowledge, expertise and ability to specify the appropriate course of action for your playground.

    Contact TIA for more information and pricing details.

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    “…it’s about being proactive in protecting all play area users when playing on equipment… it’s about providing safe play opportunities for all…”

    MaryLou Iverson
    Post Office Box 1117
    Kingston, Washington 98346
    Tel: 360-908-3479