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YES! Insurance coverage for certified inspections, audits & cleaning can be difficult to obtain but The Iverson & Associates has up to date Professional Liability, Errors & Omissions and General Liability coverage.

YES! Every associate is Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) in good standing. In addition to that he has worked in sales, design and commercial playground manufacturing for over 40 years. Our associates have hundreds of hours teaching courses in playground safety.

Make sure your organization has a Comprehensive Maintenance Program. Start with auditing selected sites so you can show you are doing your best to reach your end goal of having hazard-free recreational areas. Contact us with any questions regarding your playground. We can often get you in touch with a local (CPSI).

It depends what state your playground is located in. Some states have different laws than others. The frequency of a playground inspection should be determined by the use it gets. We recommend an annual inspection be completed by a CPSI at least annually.

All audits and inspections are not the same. Many inspectors simply eyeball your playground and you never hear from them again. Do your research and get recommendations. The Iverson Associates provide superior customer services and industry knowledge. We provide a 12-month on-call service for every inspection and audit we complete. You won’t find that service anywhere else.

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THE IVERSON ASSOCIATES provide playground consulting, inspections and audits for HOAs, parks, churches, school systems, and amusements.

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11003 SW Summerfield Drive #3 Tigard, Oregon 97224
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