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We Don’t Play When It Comes to Safety

Playgrounds cost thousands of dollars and are significant assets to your community and organizations. Establishing a Standard of Care is the best tool to keep your playground users safe. We provide an ongoing customized Maintenance Inspection Plan after every audit or inspection. This will allow you to protect the children using your playground while decreasing your community’s liability.



A playground audit initial comprehensive examination of your playground. An audit is more detailed than a playground inspection. Audits by a Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI)  should be conducted after installation of new equipment, after major repairs or modifications are made, and when industry standards change. The audit report is written proof of your organization’s concern for the well-being of the children on the playground. An Audit will help to keep your playground safe for the children who use it, and they help to protect your organization legally.

  • Electronic documentation of all audits including photographs of play environment, compliance issues, violations or compliance recommendations
  • Performed by a Certified Playground (CPSI)
  • Detailed inspection of play structure to determine industry standards and guidelines established by ASTM American Society for Testing Materials) and the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission)
  • Inspection of the entire play environment and other amenities including but not limited to benches, tables, walkways and play equipment
  • Pictures and a narrative description of the current conditions of the area, and recommendations for corrective action.
  • Standard of Care outline for a continuing safety management plan.


Playground inspections are important for several reasons: First, they help to keep your playground safe, and they help to protect your organization legally by maintaining a standard of care. An inspection by a Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSIs) can reveal structural problems and environmental conditions that you wouldn’t otherwise discover, so you can make changes before an accident occurs. In the unfortunate event that something does happen, an inspection report is written documentation of your playground safety efforts.

  • Performed by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI)
  • Identity non-compliant conditions and hazards
  • Test performance of entire play area
  • Evaluate the structural integrity of each piece of equipment
  • Electronic documentation of all inspections identifying any compliance issues, violations or compliance corrections


Selecting the right playground is a time-consuming, and detailed task. Playgrounds cost thousands of dollars and are a significant investment.The professionals at The Iverson Associates have years of experience in solicitation, design, and purchasing of playgrounds. Our knowledge will save you money and provide you with the resources to make the right decision. We offer turn-key project management services.

  • Identify appropriate location for your playground
  • Project Management
  • Request for Proposals (RFP) creation and review
  • Select the best equipment and manufacturer (we are neutral)
  • Select the best surfacing material (we are neutral)
  • New build construction and architectural drawing review
  • Develop a Playground Safety Plan specific for your agency
  • Auditing of newly built play environments
  • ADA/ABA Accessibility inventory

Other Services

Maintenance, Repairs, Training & Contained play.


We conduct classes in hazard identification, playground planning, regular maintenance, accessibility, supervision and more.


If your playground equipment breaks or is vandalized, we have a team that can assist you in replacements and repairs.

Contained Play

We work with playground designers, manufactures, installers and provides training for supervision and staff for both soft contained playgrounds and traditional outdoor structures.

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THE IVERSON ASSOCIATES provide playground consulting, inspections and audits for HOAs, parks, churches, school systems, and amusements.

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